Size Guide


Tips to guide you. Contact Us if you with any questions you might have.

  • Use a non-stretchable measuring or cloth tape.

  • Keep tape close to skin without depressing it.

  • Make sure the tape measure is level around your body for width and parallel to the floor for lengths.

  • Stand up relaxed with feet together.


  • Burst: measure all around from your back to your burst on the Apex line. Keep in mind that if your final garment requires a bra, have one on when taking your measurements. Other wise wear form-fitting clothing such as a tank-top and leggings.

  • Chest: measure all around from the back to the front above your burst.

  • Waist: Measure widthwise at the smallest part of your torso that is a few inches before your navel.

  • Hips: measure around the widest part of your hip-bone, approximately 8-9 inches from the waist line.

  • Thighs: while standing, measure around the fullest part of your upper leg.

  • Arm length: with your hand slightly bent, measure from the tip of your shoulder, over the elbow to your wrist.

  • Upper arm: measure around the fullest part of your arm above the elbow.

  • Forearm: measure around your wrist.

  • Front waist length: starting from the side base of your neck, measure from the top of the shoulder line passing over your burst going down towards waistline. Keep tape as straight as possible.

  • Back length: measure from the top of your back  to the waist line.

  • Back width: measure horizontally between your arm attachment points.

  • Full length: measure the length of the garment starting from your shoulders (collarbone region) to the floor. If your garment (that is maxi skirt, maxi pants, maxi dress) requires heels, account for it while measuring the length.